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THE Tales of the GATHERERs
Genre: Epic Fantasy / Age Group: New Adult


The Gatherers and the Illness of the Isle

Under the rule of the Isle’s Voice, the people of Aeris suffer from a jarring divide between the wealthy and impoverished. The Isle’s Voice controls the distribution of immersia, a magic that keeps bloodthirsty monsters known as the vayle away from Aeris’s people. Laborers slave to do the jobs allotted to them while privileged families remain in control.

When young Aselle Attete, a laborer in the great city of Aurora, hears a mysterious song in the desert that surrounds her city, a series of events unfolds that proves there is hope of salvaging Aeris. With the help of a group calling themselves the Gatherers, Aselle embarks on a journey to level Aeris’s class system, bring equality to the rich and poor alike, and build a new world free of the vayle’s presence.

In the process, Aselle chases a destiny that has been waiting for her since her birth. Along the way, she will uncover secrets about her past and her future… if the many dangers that pursue her do not kill her first.

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THE Ether Mists Compendium
Genre: Fantasy / Age Group: Middle Grade

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The Traveling Academy of Astra

Ten-year-old Liana Frances is stuck in the middle. Born between two sisters—the oldest stubborn, the youngest free-spirited—she struggles to stand out, to be more than the Middle One. When a strange visitor appears from nowhere and names her the centerpiece of a mysterious prophecy, she chooses to pursue a destiny that might help her find a place in Astra’s history.

But nothing upon the four Spheres of Astra is simple, and soon Liana finds herself stuck betwixt more than a pair of siblings. Deceit, danger, and death seek the Frances sisters out no matter where they go. They find their places in Holland Hollering’s Traveling Academy of Astra, and there, too, they learn the powerful magic of Aircalling, the only weapon capable of resisting the sinister Woodsmoke, an evil, murderous entity motivated by reasons yet unknown.

Join the Frances sisters as they experience the breathtaking spheres, meet memorable and eccentric Astrians, forge their own destinies, and wield new powers to save their world from a disastrous fate.

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