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Audiobook Updates

June 11, 2021 - 5:15 PM

This will be a very brief update but also a very important one. I was beyond fortunate to begin work on an audio book version of my debut novel, The Gatherers and the Illness of the Isle. I managed to find the marvelous Allan Macleod. This man is looking to break into audio book narration, and with good reason: he has a remarkable knack for it. Allan, in my opinion, is as equally skilled as some of the most popular audio book narrators out there today (Jim Dale, Michael Kramer, and the like).

I have no doubt that, regardless of the success of my novel, Allan will be able to find work in this field after he develops his portfolio. His voice is crisp, his rhythm smooth, and, perhaps most astonishing and delightful of all, his work ethic is outstanding. Having worked in corporate America for so many years, I've seen the entire spectrum of turnaround times. I've seen people bring things back in a day, and I've seen people never bring things back. Perhaps the most dreadful kind of work ethic is one belonging to an individual who places little value on his words. When such an individual says he will do something, you can't help but shrug and think, We'll see.

Not Allan.


He has surpassed my wildest expectations in every way. I am beyond excited to be working with him. Currently, we are working on an audio version of the four-chapter excerpt I have available for the Illness of the Isle, and I'll be sure to make that available as soon as possible. There's no telling when the audio book will arrive, but I'll be sure to shout its arrival from every rooftop I can as soon as I know of it.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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