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Dictionary: aeris

September 27th, 2021 7:03 AM

The Academy of Immersia - A large hall in Aurora in which educators and wielders work to create and sustain the magic that keeps Aeris alit during its absences.

The Academy of Myrra - Two buildings in Illumina in which collected myrra is sorted and shaped before being shipped to various purveyors all around Aeris. Here, educators study and teach about myrra and its properties.

The Academy of Sairo - Buildings in Aesa in which educators teach the valuation, collection, and study of sairo. These educators also set interest rates and fee schedules, govern taxation, and collect transactional data about all of Asaire’s cities.

Advisors - Advisors help Aerisians use their sairo more wisely.

Aegis of the Isle - A class of laborers, mostly consisting of the Isle’s Might, that reports to its city’s sentinel.

Aenti - Aeris’s fauna. These creatures are beautiful, whimsical, and loved by most Aerisians. Every one of them is prized by Aerisians, and their deaths are mourned, though Aerisians make great use of the pieces of the Aenti after their passing. There exist people who hunt and kill the creatures and sell their pieces for sairo. Aenti possess special abilities.

Aereo - A species of very small, bioluminescent creatures that populate caverns on the edges of the land. All great cities were built near these Aereoan Caverns because the shells of dead aereo are used as sairo. Aereo typically live for a very brief time, though their lifecycles slow if they are taken away from the oldest aereo in their cavern, the eldest aereo. When in a separated state from their eldest, aereo may live for years, though they become quieter and more docile.


Aereoan - The language spoken naturally by sairads and aereo. It can be learned by other Aerisians.

Aereoan Cavern - Any one of six homes of the aereo. There are six caverns in total, and each is home to a different population of aereo.

The Aereoan Theatre - A theatre in Aesa in which sairads use aereo to perform spectacles that are said to rival those once performed at the Altar for the Old Aerisians on Asayla. The theatre is grandiose and completely dark to perfectly replicate an absence.


Aeris - The world in which the Tales of the Gatherers takes place. It consists of a continent called Asaire and a continent called Asayla. The unexplored islands to the west of Asayla are collectively called Milea’s Spine. The two islands between Asayla and Asaire are called Vai and Usaire. Vai is also known simply as the Isle.


Aerisian (language) - The language spoken by all Aerisians. Most Aerisians are illiterate. Thus, writers and readers alike are prized for their ability to chronicle and recount events. Written Aerisian is seen by many as a third kind of magic. Aerisian writing consists principally of circles, lines, and dots.

Aerisian (species) - The people of Aeris.

Aesa and Aera - Twin cities principally responsible for sheltering Aeris’s population and for sairo. They are sometimes called the Prism Cities or the Echo Cities. Their Isle’s Voice consists of Fileix Feure (the pinnacle), Fereux Feure (the sentinel), Elicose Aesar (the keeper), Emere Este (the steward), Salos Lux (the scholar), Eliana Erra (the conduit). It is divided into several districts: namely, the Cercei, Ceiren, Aercei, Eoeth, Esae, Eux, Este, and Ferea Districts. It’s emblem is a circle containing two towers, which represent both cities. Aerisians who come from Aesa or Aera are said to be “born of sairo.”


Aesaria - A coastal town known for its many feats involving the ocean.


Agents - Agents represent Aerisians in times of death, incapacitation, or uncertainty.

The Altar - According to the Dweller’s Pages, homes in Arbor were built with windows made of fine, clear essa, enabling the Aerisians of old to gaze upon the Altar each absence, where aereo would dance.

Amathian - A colossal creature that stomps about the Ilia Milea, causing tremors.

Amnium - A material that comes from trees. It hardens over many years until it becomes a brilliant, glowing material mostly used for decoration.


Anima (drink) - An intoxicating beverage.

Anima (town) - A town named for the amount of anima it produces. It is said that every window and doorway flows with anima.

Antelia - A vibrant cerulean fruit with white hairs on an oval-shaped body. Its seeds poke through its skin in evenly-spaced stripes. Its interior is a murky blue. The fruit is sweet and juicy.

Arbor - A city mostly in ruins. It is believed to hold secrets about the origins of the vayle and Aeris itself. Using the Dweller’s Pages, Aerisians have speculated what it looks like. Its ruined districts are the Mureas, Dureas, and Vaylea Districts.

Architects - Architects create tools, clothing, accessories and weapons capable of being infused or influences with emeia or immersia.

Ashenea - A grass that grows along the banks of some of the seas and lakes. It is reed-like. It is a vibrant green plant trimmed with long, purple flowers that wrap around their own stalks.

Aureo - Orange aereo. These live in the Aureoan Cavern on the western part of Asayla.

Aureo Ceia - The largest ocean, which encompasses Milea’s Spine and all of Asayla save for the small area encompassed by the Pureo Ceia. Like the Pureo Ceia, its waves are vicious.


Aurora - A city principally responsible for immersia. Aurora is surrounded by the Granula Milea and near the Cereo Cavern. Its Isle’s Voice consists of Varaa Elis (the pinnacle), Ezekial Grandeur (the sentinel), Avar Elis (the keeper), Canis Elicor (the steward), Emmen Emelle (the scholar), and Essa Vaute (the conduit). It is divided into several districts: namely, the Asaire, Gessa, Merria, Esseth, Elis, and Aerin Districts. Its emblem is a circle containing a glowing spell, which represents immersia. Aerisians who come from Aurora are said to be “born of immersia.”

Baleis - A creature that breathes a kind of immersia that lingers, spreads, and crushes all it touches.

Bankers - Bankers safeguard sairo, myrra, and erra.

Bellum - A bulbous fruit. It is deep red with orange ornamentations. The fruit is savory, and it helps Aerisians heal their wounds.

Bessea - A pliable, cheap, and plentiful material.

The Bountiful Theia - An area on the outskirts of Pera where countless trees grow. Trees of all varieties can be found here, though rarer sorts are hidden among many common varieties.

The Bounty - A road that skirts Milea’s Plain, connecting Pera and Harbinger’s Reprieve.


Breath of the Voice - A class of laborers that reports to its city’s conduit.

Caelum Ceia - A sea located close to the Caelum Milea. Aerisians from Illumina have claimed that unique aenti have been spotted emerging from this sea.

Caelum Milea - An arrangement of stones that float in the sky. These are upheld by magic unknown.

Caessa - A river that runs from the Caelum Ceia to the Ilia Milea.


Castle Salos - The castle atop the Myrra Milea. It overlooks the town of Salos.


The Ceia’s Way - A road that surrounded by water on both sides. It connects the town of Salos with Pera.


Ceira - A plentiful, common creature. It is four-legged and spotted with porous skin. It has a short life span. Each ceira reproduces at least once, but many reproduce twice or thrice.


Ceiren - An ornamental stake in the ground at which the Isle Dweller is said to hear Aerisians more clearly. People often pray at these. There are also three gargantuan ceirens in the East, West, and North.


“A ceiren falls!" - An expletive uttered when something deplorable happens.


Ceirens of the East, West, and North - Three ceirens constructed for Aerisians to gather together for immense events of spiritual worship. The Ceiren of the North is believed to stand on Asayla still, though no living souls have ever seen it. Brave Aerisians embark on pilgrimages to visit the two great ceirens located on Asaire


Cereo - Blue aereo. These live in the Cereoan Cavern, the cavern on the banks of the Cereo Ceia in the east.

Cereo Ceia - The ocean at the base of the cliffs where the Granula Milea ends.

Cilea - A plentiful grass that grows all over Aeris. It is used for clothing after being treated. It is a beige plant with frills.

Coceira - The smooth, flat hide of an aenti called the ceira. These creatures have short life spans, so coceira is in high supply. It is cheap and durable.

Cocilea - A fuzzy, itchy fabric that comes from a kind of grass called the cilea.

Conduit - The member of the Isle’s Voice primarily focused on matters of faith. The conduit is often called the Breath of the Voice.

Cosyr - A fuzzy, insulating fabric that comes from a water-dwelling aenti named the osyr.

Crafters - Crafters create novelties, tools, artistry, and the like. They then sell these creations to purveyors.

Dureas - The ship that the Old Aerisians built and took from Asayla to Asaire.

Dureas Ceia - A lost sea described in the Dweller’s Pages.

"A Dweller's blessing." - An expression that describes something that must have been provided by the Isle Dweller.

The Dweller’s Breath - A road connecting Illumina and the Ceiren of the West.

Dweller’s Crossing - The bridge that is said to have been used by the Isle Dweller to move from Usaire to Vai.


"To the Dweller's joy/woe." (expression) - An expression that describes an act that would either please or upset the Isle Dweller.

The Dweller’s Joy (road) - The pathway used by the Old Aerisians when they first left the great city of Arbor. It connects the lost town of Essa with Arbor.

The Dweller’s Mercy - A road that connects Prismaera and Aesaria.

Dweller’s Pages - The holy book of Aerisians. Tells of the story of Aeris’s creation, describes the Age of the Parables, and tells the story of the Old Aerisians’ exodus from Asayla to Asaire, where Escher Elis became a hero for discovering and mastering his inborn talents with immersia.


The Dweller’s Soul - A road mentioned in the Dweller’s Pages. It connects the Dureas Ceia of legend with the fabled Ceiren of the North.

Dweller’s Veil - A mountain located on Vai. It prevents any travelers from reaching the center of Vai except by crossing the Eriae Ceia.

The Dweller’s Voice - A road that connects Aesaria and Anima. This road branches off, sending travelers to the town of Dweller’s Woe and onward to the Ceiren of the East.

"Dweller's woe!" (expletive) - An expletive uttered when something deplorable happens.

Dweller’s Woe (town) - A makeshift shantytown where criminals and those who have been exiled live.

Echoaera - A river that runs from the Salos Ceia to Aesaria.

The Echoes - A pair of roads that, like Aesa and Aera, resemble one another, and both lead from Prismaera in different directions.

Educators - Educators teach general oral language skills and a variety of practical skills to young Aerisians. Some educators specialize in subjects, having conducted a separate job for a large portion of their lives.

Eilea - A creature that can interpret Aerisian emotions with ease. It will adjust its own behavior based on their emotions. Thick, long hair spills from this four-legged creature like waterfalls.

Elias - A rare, very small, six-legged creature that creates saeth from other materials and its saliva and then builds structures for itself from the saeth.


Eliaura - A blue grass that creates a thick adhesive when crushed.

Elisaera - A town in the shadow of a hill called Escher’s Soul in the Granula Milea. It is the coolest place in the desert.

Elis Tower - A tower spoken about in the Dweller’s Pages. It was erected by Escher Elis himself after he left Pera to build the first of the great cities.

Ellum - A stretchy fabric that comes from the rinds of antelia mixed with eliaura. It is common in Illumina, where most citizens wear tight-fitting clothing.

Emeia - Another force that few Aerisians can control. It allows an Aerisian to take on the abilities of the aenti (for example, floating, moving quickly, or possessing incredible strength). Some Aerisians can use it to heighten their senses.

Emissaries - Emissaries are tasked with delivering Aerisians or valued items (such as written communication, treasure, sairo, myrra, and the like) from one location to another.


The Endless - A long road. The majority of this road cuts through the Granula Milea. It connects Anima and Aurora.

Entertainers - These Aerisians sing, dance, and perform theatre for commoners.

Eriae Ceia - A sea located on Vai. Many believe the Isle Dweller crossed this body of water and took up residence on its opposite shore. The Dweller’s Pages also tell of the many aereo who float there in the presence of the Dweller.

Erra - The second most valuable material. It is tinged with a pink hue that makes it distinct from myrra. Otherwise, it looks similar to myrra.

Esae’s Peak - A town in the mountains, the only refuge along the Vayle’s Joy.

Essa (material) - Created for use in windows. It can be fortified or pliable. While it is normally a translucent purple, it can be colored.

Essa (town) - An ancient town built by the prosperous Old Aerisians.

Essaceia - A transparent fruit. It is round and thin. It has a bitter taste, but it can help Aerisians recall that which they have forgotten. Its texture is sharp and crunchy. It is filled with water.

Esthian - A nimble, four-legged beast. These are very fast and strong, and they possess sharp teeth and claws. They can be wild or domesticated. Many wealthier Aerisians keep these as an additional defense against intrusion into their homes.

Ethia - A large, beautiful creature. Moves very slowly.

Exilers - Exilers are charged with carrying out one of the most brutal punitive measures sanctioned by their city. Exilers send offenders off into the lands surrounding their city and ensure that they are never to return. This often leads to the death of the offender, though it is deemed compassionate due to the chance given to the offender to create life elsewhere. An offender exiled becomes known by each Isle’s Voice in each of Aeris’s great cities, and these individuals often must take up residence in the wild or in one of Aeris’s towns—if they are allowed.


Exporters - Exporters, similar to importers, deliver goods to other towns and cities. They often meet importers at designated midpoints to create efficiencies and ensure the flow of goods for the sake of economic prosperity.

Fareis - A creature that can understand the histories, realities, and dreams of Aerisians.

Fereo - Yellow aereo. These live in the Fereoan Cavern, the cavern on the banks of the Fereo Ceia in the west.

Fereo Ceia - The ocean that is farthest west.

Forenea - A rich, red-colored grass. Rare. Grows in some spots of Milea’s Plain. Can heals wounds, help to assuage disease, or blunt pain by consumption. Can also be ground into a paste for topical application.

Graders - Graders sort and value the sairo collected by sifters.

Granula Milea - A desert that surrounds Aurora.

Harbinger - A glowing orb in the sky that gives off heat and light. It stalks slowly across the sky each day until it disappears, leaving behind an absence of total darkness when the vayle emerge from their subterranean dens and feed on any and every living thing that is caught in the darkness. Aerisians believe that the harbinger is made up of billions of aereo of all different colors.


Harbinger’s Point - A town built atop Escher’s Soul. It is the hottest place in the desert.

Harbinger’s Reprieve - A town near Milea’s Plain, known for its hospitality and culinary talent.

Harvesters - Harvesters live primarily in Pera, where Milea’s Plain and the Bountiful Theia provide endless opportunity for the collection of nourishment. Harvesters collect the nourishment offered by the Milea and distribute it all over Aeris.

Healers - Healers may use their bonds with the Isle Dweller to help injured Aerisians return to health through prayer.

Illumina - A city which produces the mechanisms and tools used in the collection, grading, and storage of sairo, various food processing mechanisms, fixtures for immersia and emeia, weapons, and the largest variety of ships. Its Isle’s Voice consists of Ilsa Esae (the pinnacle), Aselle Aereste (the sentinel), Rennon Arenne (the keeper), Garron Arenne (the steward), Emelia Erra (the scholar), Aeris Erra (the conduit). It is divided into several districts: namely, the Elenia, Myrra, Emeias, and Feressa Districts. Its emblem is a circle containing a mountain, which represents the Myrra Milea. Aerisians who come from Illumina are said to be “born of myrra.”

Ilia Milea - A giant plain north of the Myrra Milea. Home to many fascinating aenti.


Immersia - A force that all Aerisians have the ability to use. However, learning to use it is extremely challenging, and most Aerisians are unable to use it, which is why they rely on Aurora’s immersia materials to light their absences. This force mimics the light of the harbinger.

Importers - Importers receive goods from other towns and cities. They often meet exporters at designated midpoints to create efficiencies to ensure the flow of goods for the sake of economic prosperity.


Invisible Thread - A concept popularized by the research Genra Psette. Any aereo that is away from its cavern’s eldest will experience a dramatically reduced lifecycle. Aereo that never approach their eldest may live for years and years. As an aereo nears its eldest, it may rapidly age to make up for the time it spent away.

Isle Dweller - The deity whom Aerisians worship. Per the Dweller’s Pages (authored by the Dweller), the Isle Dweller was created by the aereo. Afterward, the Dweller sent most of the aereo into the sky to create the harbinger. He erected Arbor and named the northern continent Asayla. He created the first Aerisians, who eventually went off to build the sacred town of Essa. See A Brief History of Aeris for more details.

Isle’s Might - The military employed by the Isle’s Voice. The Isle’s Might enforces the Dweller’s laws.

Isle’s Voice - The governing council of Aeris. Inspired by the Dweller’s Pages, the Isle’s Voice interprets the Dweller’s notions and enacts laws related to the Dweller’s wills. There are four Voices; one for Aurora, Pera, Illumina, and Aesa and Aera (the Prism Cities, together, only have one Isle’s Voice).

Journeyers - Journeyers are tasked with traveling Asaire, the Isle, and even portions of Asayla to better interpret Aeris and its flora and fauna.

Joy of the Voice - A class of laborers that reports to its city’s steward. Whenever feasible, these roles seek to create opportunity and happiness for Aerisians.

Keeper - The member of the Isle’s Voice primarily focused on matters of finance and commerce. The keeper is often called the Mind of the Voice.

Latellea - A smooth, sweet fruit. It is a treat for many Aerisians. It is unhealthy unless eaten only rarely.

Lighteners - Aerisians capable of performing the lightening ritual upon the death of another Aerisian. Often, these individuals must be sairads to command the aereo to lift the perished Aerisian away.

Lightening - A ceremony in which a deceased Aerisian is turned into an aereo. The remains of the Aerisian are lifted into the sky by aereo (under the control of a lightener). On rare occasions, the aereo created after the ceremony return to loved ones, and often, these aereo live for a long time because of their distance from their eldest. More commonly, aereo created after a lightening are said to fly north, where they will forever float away from their eldest on the surface of the Eriae Ceia.

The Lights - A grouping of three roads that loop, connecting Aurora with two towns: Elisaera and Harbinger’s Point.

Liselle - Like bessea, liselle is another cheap, pliable material.

The Lonely - The longest road on Asaire. It connects Salos with Prismaera, circumventing the perilous Myrra Milea and the mystical Caelum Milea.

Luxsyr - A river that runs from the Salos Ceia through Aesa and Aera.

Medics - Medics are trained in the physical care of Aerisians, though Aerisian knowledge of medicinal remedies is relatively low. For this reason, healers are seen as the primary caretakers in case of injury, while medics are better suited for secondary care.

Melan - A rare material. It is strong, dark blue, and holds a distinct sheen. Impervious to fire.

Mersia Milea - A mountain located on Usaire.

Milea - The solid land on which all Aerisians live. This stone takes on many different forms, milled to fine grains all around Aurora and elevated and jagged near Illumina. Aerisians believe that the Milea is a great, slow-moving aenti that will one day lift its head from the depths of the endless ocean in which it swims and consume the Aerisians who have not been yet been lightened. Any Aerisian who dies dishonorably (killing themselves, openly distrusting the Dweller, etc.) should not be lightened. Instead, their bodies are merely buried in the Milea, doomed to be an early source of nourishment for the Milea that will one day consume the other damned Aerisians. The lightening is believed to turn Aerisians into aereo. The Milea floats inside ocean and below the sky. Aerisians have no belief that anything worth seeing exists beneath the ocean or above the sky.


"The Milea downs you/that!" - An expletive uttered when an Aerisian disagrees vehemently with some notion, person, or thought.

Milea’s Claw - The gulf on the bottom of Asaire.

Milea’s Plain - A fertile, fruitful land near Pera where fruit and grass grow in abundance.

Milea’s Point - The furthest point north that most Aerisians will dare to travel; the crown of Asaire.

Milea’s Spine - A sequence of unexplored islands to the west of Asayla. It is believed that these landmasses are the Milea’s back penetrating the surface of the sea.

Milea’s Wing - As its name suggests, this area is believed to be the Milea’s wing. The Dweller’s Pages explains that Milea’s Wing experiences winds so fierce that no life can thrive here.

"The Milea turns." - An expression often said when winds blow.

Mind of the Voice - A class of laborers that reports to its city’s keeper. These roles often work closely with roles that support the Joy of the Voice.

Musicians - Musicians are similar to entertainers; except they only perform music. Music is a cherished artform on Aeris, and many Aerisians understand very little of harmonies, melodies, and the technical aspects of Aeris’s many instruments.


Myreis - A feathered, beautiful, serpentine creature, whose ears can hear for miles around.

Myressa - A river located on Asayla. The only one mentioned by name in the Dweller’s Pages.

Myrra - A highly-prized and useful material. Bright white and luminous in appearance, it glows with a blue tint when affected with immersia, which it conducts exceptionally well.

Myrra Milea - Mountainous terrain—the only of its height and grandiosity—from which the people of Illumina are able to extract myrra for use in their mechanisms.

Onia - A common grass that is edible. A lavender color.

Onium - A prized material like myrra, though not so pliable and with low response to magic like immersia and emeia. It is commonly used more for decoration than weaponry.

Orators - Orators are tasked with interpreting, reading, and delivering the messages in the Dweller’s Pages to other Aerisians. Orators also perform hymnals and encourage other Aerisians to perform acts of worship.

Osyr - A water-dwelling creature.

Pera - A city principally responsible for providing nourishment to the cities of the world. Its Isle’s Voice consists of Goanne Ceasa (the pinnacle), Sieste Pereaux (the sentinel), Eden Erra (the keeper), Bennon Elias (the steward), Eriae Aullon (the scholar), Alias Emelle (the conduit). It is divided into several districts: namely, the Volceir, Silcea, Theice, and Liselle Districts. Its emblem is a circle containing a fruit sprouting from a stalk, which represents the city’s abundance of food. Aerisians who come from Pera are said to be born of ceia.


Perae - Very small orbs that grow in bunches. These are savory and fibrous.

Pereo - Green aereo. These live in the Pereoan Cavern, the cavern on the banks of the Pereoan Ceia in the north.

Pereo Ceia - The ocean located to the north. It blends with the Aureo Ceia and ends around Vai and Usaire.

The Precipice - A small road that splits off of the Vayle’s Joy; it sends travelers through the Myrra Milea to Esae’s Peak.

Prismaera - A town that serves as a hub for directing the lost and hopeless. Sends Aerisians in many directions.

Pureo - Puplre aereo. These live in the Pureoan Cavern on the eastern part of Asayla.

Pureo Ceia - The ocean that blends with the Aureo Ceia, encompassing the eastern side of Vai and Usaire. Its waves are said to be violent, inhibiting passage to Usaire.

Purveyors - Purveyors make and sell their own creations (tools, artistry, novelties, and the like).

Pyrre - A black, matte, and strong material.


Raeren - A feathered, light, and weak creature with lurid, blue feathers. It has no arms. It can move faster than sight can detect. These creatures are trained to move between locations to deliver messages and small goods.

Raesse - An inedible fruit that is poisonous if consumed, except by aenti. It can be applied to hair and skin to clean it.

Readers - Readers are tasked with interpreting Aerisian writing. This is a great need of the public as many Aerisians are not literate and need assistance in understanding the written communications dispersed from the Isle Voice and the written signs posted at many shops and eateries. The exam to write is the same one that a reader takes, and oftentimes a writer may be tasked to do the reader’s work and a reader may be tasked to do a writer’s work (though the latter is less common as writers develop notable styles and a stronger command of Aerisian than readers).

Reda - A kind of grass that has a feathered top. These feathers can be plucked or blown from the reda. These grow all over the Isle.

Reo - Red aereo. These live in the Reoan Cavern, the cavern on the banks of the Reo Ceia in the south.

Reo Ceia - The ocean located in the south, where the Reo Cavern sits and where Milea’s Claw opens.

Saera - A long, blue, rounded fruit that peels in strips. It is bitter-tasting at first but becomes sweet.

Saeth - A material that comes from the rare elias, a small aenti that creates saeth and builds structures with it. This material is as rare as its creator, and so it is often used for only the wealthiest citizens’ clothing. It is said to be the softest material on Aeris.

Sairads - Sairads are born with the unique ability to interpret the musical musings of the aereo. Sairads are often called on to work with members from the Breath of the Voice. Though the ability to speak to aereo is believed to be a kind special ability like immersia and emeia, many Aerisians revere this talent as a spiritual ability as well. Sairads are often orators, healers, and lighteners as well, because the Dweller’s Pages explicitly detail the influence that the aereo have on Aeris.


Sairo - Aerisian money. Sifters locate the shells of dead aereo, which appear in the land above each Aereoan Cavern. These are then sorted and graded for public use. Sairo can be either low-grade, middle-grade, or high-grade. As the shells that come from different caverns are different colors, some shells are worth less in other cities and towns. For example, cereo sairo (blue) from Aurora might be worth less in Pera, where pereo sairo (green) is more common. Because the Prism Cities deal with and store so much sairo, sairo of all colors is accepted there without any degradation in value.

Salos - A town atop a mountain in the Myrra Milea. It is frigid and suffers from constant snowfall. It overlooks the frozen arm of the Salos Ceia.

Salos Ceia - The largest sea found within Asaire or Asayla. Its rivulet is home to an annual ceremony performed by the townspeople of Salos.

Scholar - The member of the Isle’s Voice primarily focused on matters of immersia and emeia. The scholar is often called the Will of the Voice.

Secula - Thick, green cubes coated with white hairs tinted blue. These do not peel. They are tart and juicy.

Sentinel - The Isle’s Voice member primarily focused on matters of city law and the protection of the city. The sentinel is often called the Aegis of the Isle.

Shapers - Shapers use wood, myrra, and erra to create tools, homes, and boats. Unlike architects, shapers have little understanding of the intricacies of immersia and emeia and thus do not create any items useful to be influenced by immersia or emeia.


Sifters - Sifters dig for and collect sairo from the grounds near the Aereoan caverns nearest their cities.

Soldiers - Soldiers are charged with carrying out any punitive measures sanctioned by the Aegis of the Isle. In the event of a war or battle, mercenaries must fight to defend their city.

Solus - A creature with great, twisting horns that sprout from its head and back. It dwells in forests. It can create invisible threads and can completely hide parts of its own body or its entire body with these threads.

Spiria - A flying aenti that is native to western and central Asaire.

Steward - The member of the Isle’s Voice primarily focused on matters of Aerisian recreation and the sustaining of Aerisian life. The steward is often called the Joy of the Voice.

Tereis - A rare aenti native to the Ilia Milea.

Treasurers - Treasurers assist fortune seekers in working with their sairo.

Usaire - An island southwest of Vai. It is said to be the home of the monstrous vilesa. As such, the Isle’s Voice has outlawed travel to this island except by vetted journeyers.

Vai (the Isle) - A small island just south of Asayla. This is believed to be the place where the Isle Dweller still lives.

Vayle - Bloodthirsty monsters the come out when the harbinger departs. The harbinger’s light kills them. Both immersia and aereoan light can kill them, as well. However, they are impervious to firelight and lightning.

The Vayle’s Joy - A road that winds through the Myrra Milea, connecting Illumina and the Prism Cities.

The Vayle’s Woe - A branching road that stems from Aurora. One of its paths leads to Milea’s Plain, and two other paths along this road meet at Harbinger’s Reprieve.

Volceir Milea - A cavernous plain, consisting of various canyons and depths, all as fertile as Milea’s Plain. Aerisians believe that, at the deepest depths of the Volceir Milea, there exists fruit that can keep Aerisians from ever leaving the Volceir Milea.

Wielders - Wielders create and influence immersia and emeia. Wielders of emeia are exceptionally rare. Though wielders of immersia are far more common, they are still a rarity relative to Aeris’s entire population.

Will of the Voice - A class of laborers that reports to its city’s scholar.

Writers - Writers are highly-practiced in written Aerisian and are hired to produce all written communications.

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