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September updates

September 25th, 2021 2:02 PM

This month has been much calmer and much more enjoyable than the last few. Emotionally, things have leveled out, and I'm back into the neutral state from which I briefly rose up out of. Releasing a novel and marketing a book is hard work, but I've done a decent job (enough to feel somewhat proud), and I'll continue to keep it up in an effort to expand my readership and make the most of all the effort I expended to write my first novel. I've begun work on two other novels, though these have both been sitting and waiting while I finish up the very last pieces of the audiobook for The Gatherers and the Illness of the Isle.

The family is doing wonderfully well. We took a vacation to the gorgeous town of Sylva (nestled in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina), where we visited my in-laws, and then we went onward to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where we were treated to an abundance of beautiful weather, fascinating museums, delicious restaurants, classic cars, and Rita's Ice and Custard (we ate there three nights in a row; it's the best custard in the world).


My son is growing all the time, and while tomorrow marks four months since he was born, he's showing all the normal signs of a two-month old, and that's to be expected since he came more than two months early. We've finally started to see his beautiful smile, and I'm constantly reminded of how blessed my wife and I are to have been surrounded by such helpful medical professionals when our son was born. I am still so thankful that he's doing well and healthy despite his turbulent start. When I look at him and see him acting just the way I remember my other kids acting at two months old, I can't describe the wellspring of pride and gratitude that swells in my heart. I'm so happy to see who he's turning out to be. My girls are also doing excellent, and they're constantly giving me reasons to laugh, smile, be proud, and humble myself.

This month I've done a decent bit of blogging (at least in terms of the number of articles; in terms of word count, I might've been a bit lazy this month since the contents of Aeris's dictionary were already written), so I'll keep this update short. Please check out the aforementioned (and linked) dictionary as well as a brief history of Aeris. I also decided to do a book review. My goal right now is to finish up the audiobook I have in process, release it, and put out a marginally revised edition of The Illness of the Isle. After these few milestones, I can keep promoting my debut while I proceed with work on my other two projects.

As always, thanks so much for being part of this site and for reading my writing.

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