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What is Soar?


Soar is a video game. Its in-game story is comprised of a few carefully chosen lines:

At the center of the Weaver’s Tapestry, Virtue gives chase to an ever-fleeing Sin, the two forces warring ceaselessly for bearing on the Weaver’s work. You are Virtue. Now… pursue and vanquish Sin.

The story of its development is not so tidy and would take several pages to adequately outline. In perhaps the simplest terms, Soar was born out of a desperate time in my life. This was a time of shifting family dynamics, frothing and boiling anger, resentment, and even hatred, and a distinct lack of light for my family and me. Through it all, I implored and pleaded, and I searched for purpose, for meaning amidst the crashing breakers of everyday life. For nearly two months, my family and I spent our days writhing in a deep ocean of subtle yet fierce and widespread misery.

It was on a lonesome nine-hour trip, in which I handled a twenty-six-foot moving truck containing nearly every possession my wife and I had accumulated over the prior decade, that I came to dream up Soar. This was the second time in forty-five days that I had gotten behind the wheel of such a moving truck—the second time in forty-five days that my family and I had spent an entire morning, noon, and night loading all our things into a moving truck and our minivan. While my wife drove the kids in our van, I followed in the moving truck, my mind racing with thoughts of life, of God's plan, of virtue, sin, and faith... and it settled frequently on an idea for a simplistic video game.

Soar is that video game.

It's a game about hope—about faith. It’s a game about the way we try our best even when we are tempted—always—to do our worst. It’s about the interchange between Virtue and Sin, about how these forces war with one another but neither ever falls. It's not a game of religion or adherence or compliance, but a game born of one man’s incessant floundering and failing and fearing.

The concrete details of Soar, a retro-inspired, arcade-style bullet hell, are as follows:

  • Eight immersive stages to traverse…

  • A breathtaking, 10-song original soundtrack…

  • Over 100 adornments to unlock…

  • More than 65 unique Sins to overcome…

  • Survive... evade... dash... teleport... collect… and follow Sin at all costs in endless run after endless run.

Release Details


Soar supports input from both keyboard and gamepad, as well as touch controls. As such, it is perfectly suited for PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Currently, there are plans to release the game on Steam, Epic, and both the Apple and Android App stores. Further plans exist to bring the game to both Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5, but physical copies, if printed at all, would likely be printed in a limited run. Keep an eye on this section, as this is the place we will update with release information as soon as we have it.

Contact Stravagant Games


Should you wish to interview us or need any further support in writing about our game, reach us at the following place or use this website's Contact page:

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