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Book Two of The Tales of the Gatherers / Publication Date: Work in Progress
Genre: Epic Fantasy / Pages: N/A / Age Group: New Adult

Like a horrid apparition, the Ceiren of the West looms in Aselle’s dreams, but she is not alone. The same haunting visions plague Novae and Vega each absence. As the three sairads make their way west, each of them knows that fate awaits them, but none of them knows who will become the Bearer, the soul tasked with delivering the Architect to the fabled Altar in the north.

Meanwhile, an infamous, merciless group of thieves known as the Marauders of Merria discovers the Gatherers’ purpose. While the Isle’s Voice plots to destroy the Gatherers at last, the Marauders of Merria seek to obtain the eldest aereo for themselves. With a new ally, the Gatherers defend their vision for Aeris, travel across the continent of Asaire, and begin to unearth a fallen comrade’s mysteries.

In the end, the Bearer will stand victorious, bloodied, and blinded. As the Dweller’s prophecy unfolds, the Gatherers’ path will become clearer... and far deadlier than any of them ever dreamed.

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