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THE Shroud of Sleep
Standalone / Publication Date: Work in Progress
Genre: Epic Fantasy / Pages: N/A / Age Group: New Adult

On Laria, a land that functions with the magic of stones, opposing races have hated each other for hundreds of seasons. Today, Larians of every race set aside their bloodied histories and flock to the city of Chom in search of wayfinders, disciplined scholars who can teach magic to the masses.

Overlooking Chom, the extravagant tower of Esoshai pierces the sky, painting the world each night with a brilliant, red glow. When a mysterious plague—dubbed by those in Esoshai as the Shroud of Sleep—accosts the land and changes nearly every citizen into a somnambulist—a walking monster—those few unchanged must fight to survive in a brutal, unforgiving world where death—or worse—awaits any who misstep.

Follow a wayfinder who manipulates the somnambulists, a thief who stalks the secrets of the stones, a retired soldier who finds himself in a forest of spirits, and an Instrument of Esoshai who seeks to save Laria as the four of them align to face the deathly Shroud of Sleep.

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